Digital vs Analog ?

Hilko Guitars Tele Style Guitar, Tube Amp 5E3

Hiya All,

We are 2020 and the digital world is moving fast! Just got a new Universal Audio interface and came with plugins. Fooled around with the Marshall Plexi digital amp and decided to give the Fender tweed ’55 a go and downloaded the Demo version.

I own a Tube Amp Doctor 5E3 amp and quite happy with this great alternative for the vintage Amp of all Amps, The Tweed Deluxe. I wondered how it would compare to Universal Audio’s Fender Plugin.

Here is a short Video guitar quiz. Can you guess the real amp? A or B?
Wonder what you think?

Have a great day,

Al McKay plays Hilko RootSter Guitar

Al McKay Allstars Leader, plays Earth Wind and Fire Experience on a Hilko.

Original Earth Wind And Fire member Al McKay is the proud owner of a Hilko Guitars RootSter Deluxe model. McKay is enjoying his new guitar made by yours truly.
The instrument is handmade in Belgium using old air dried woods.

If you like more info on my instruments shoot me a message.
Here is a picture of the legend his axe.
I told you before, a Hilko Guitar puts a smile on your face!
Have a great day,

Al McKay happy and smiling with his Hilko RootSter model Guitar.