Pro Setup

Hilko Guitars Pro Setup

I have over 25years of experience in setting up guitars/basses. Most of my clients are Professional musicians.
Not a pro? No problem. I’ll service your instrument.

How it works

Make an appointment:
Send us an email to make an appointment. Describe the instrument and the issue, feel free to attach photo’s. Please include manufacturer, model, year, etc.

Hilko Guitars will contact you to confirm day and time.

The day of the appointment, be on time.
There are several customers visiting us on repair days. Please don’t mess up their planned appointment by showing up late.
You can reschedule a confirmed appointment. Please do this 24hrs in advance of the actual appointment.
At the appointment I will evaluate the instrument. We will schedule a pickup day and time.

Before any work on setup or repair is done,
I will make up a maintenance rapport for the customer.
Price for this rapport is variable depending on the instrument. Varying between 50 and 75€

With the gathered info I can start the setup or repair. Thanks to the previous work we can dial in the settings to your liking.
Most pro setups I do are costing in-between 75 and 125€. Please note this can vary. Depending on type of instrument or problems found.
Customers will be informed before any extra work is done.

You can take your instrument home after paying the invoice.
Don’t hesitate to contact me for any additional information.
Use contact form below or send me an email.